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Get the support you need to push your app business to the next level

You’ve had an app in the store for a few years. It is going pretty well, but you feel like it could do better. Money is always at the back of your mind. You believe the App Store ‘dream’ is possible, but sometimes it feel like you’re the only one.

You spend time online following successful developers, but finding advice that applies directly to you isn’t easy. You have a ton of ideas but it’s hard to know where to focus and what will grow revenue the fastest. You also love your product and don’t want to compromise on quality to increase sales.

Maybe you find yourself thinking:

The time you feel best is at conferences or meet ups when you are surrounded by like minded makers, sharing challenges, ideas and inspiration.

This is where the mastermind comes in.

“Lewis really sells the power of a good mastermind. He helped me not only formulate quality targets for my app development, but the weekly check-ins and discussions kept me on track and hardened my focus in a way I wasn’t able to achieve on my own.”
Nick Schneble

You can join a peer group that is at the same level as you are and wants to help you grow. They have similar experiences, but a fresh perspective and different strengths.

They can help you push yourself and see things more objectively. There is probably someone who has experience and advice in the area you need. Your network will multiply exponentially.

This carefully picked group of developers will help you to grow your revenue by increasing your confidence and holding you accountable for trying new things. They can be a loud counter voice to the devil on your shoulder who is always predicting doom and urging caution. 

Together, you will inspire each other to improve, grow, sell and earn more, taking your business to the next level.

Headshot of Lewis. He is a white man in his mid 30s with short hair and a beard

My name is Lewis and I’m an App Developer. Although I occasionally do freelancing, my main income comes from the successful apps I have in the App Store. They’ve been featured by Apple and 

In my past life I was a Scrum Master, Team Leader and Mentor. I love bringing out the best in people and helping with all the human elements of building great products using a sustainable business model.

Although I love the feeling of independence I get from working on my own, I miss having a close group of people who I can share experiences with and learn from. I want to create that environment and offer it to my fellow devs.

By meeting once a week to set goals, discuss challenges, and find solutions I believe that your business can grow faster than it would on it’s own. Much faster.

When you join the 90 Day Indie Dev Mastermind you’ll get:

What's more, as I am purely a facilitator and not a participant, I focus totally on helping you get the best out of each and every session:

Interested? The regular 90 day mastermind will cost $1,499, but during the beta period there is a special introductory price of just $299. A massive 80% discount. You can pay this over the three months if you like. Furthermore, if you find that it isn't for you, contact me anytime in the first month for a full no questions asked refund.

When you commit to the 90 day mastermind it’ll result in:

Ultimately, all of this leads to an increase to your bottom line.

Sounds good? Click below to arrange a quick call to discuss your goals and fit.

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If you’re so good at making apps, why are you making masterminds?

The main reason is because I miss working with and coaching other people. This is the only thing I miss from having a real J.O.B.

Also, I hope I didn’t paint myself as some kind of app unicorn. I do better than the average developer, but that is mainly because I have stuck at it for so long.

What apps have you made?

I have made a few. The ones which earn my living are:

What size groups are you forming?

The groups will be four to eight people.

What about timezones?

I will get availability from everyone beforehand and will group people by times they can do. You won’t have to commit until the time is decided.

What if you can’t get enough people?

I won’t start the group until we get the right people. I’ll keep you in the loop while I’m looking.

What if I can’t make the chosen time?

The time may change in a future group, I’ll keep your details and be in touch as soon as a new group is starting.

How will you pick the groups?

I consider this the most important part, like the seating plan at a wedding dinner, it needs to be perfect. I'll take into account a number of factors when forming the groups:

Is this group welcoming for women, people of colour, queer people, and other underrepresented groups?

YES! There is not enough diversity and inclusion in tech spaces, and we aim to change that. You will be very welcome in this group. If you feel your are experiencing discrimination either from myself or other group members during the sessions let me know right away and I will take steps to address it.

There is no space in these sessions for discrimination of any kind.

What about privacy and my app’s secret sauce?

All participants will agree in writing to keep everything that happens in the sessions private. The more honest and open you are the more you will get from the sessions, but you will not be pressured to share anything you don't want to.

What's all this about a beta?

I want to get a group or two started, get feedback, and iron out any kinks. At the end of the beta period it would be great if you are able to offer an honest review of how the sessions have gone and what you got out of it. Of course you can give feedback at any time during the three months too.

Wait! You didn't answer my question?!

If you made it this far you are probably a good fit! We can talk through any questions you have though. Click the link below and I'll be in touch.

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