🎙 Are Subscriptions the Future? An interview with Jacob from RevenueCat

Welcome to this Indie Dev interview with Jacob from RevenueCat!

Jacob’s first company was featured in TechCrunch while he was still at college. Then after a stint at Apple he moved on to lead the development team at Elevate which went on to be Apple App of the Year.

He’s now running RevenueCat which you should definitely check out if app store subscriptions are anywhere in your future.

TI8x Graphing Calculators that Jacob learned to code on
Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X by Aaron Hillegass
App Loop, Jacob’s first company on TechCrunch
Good to Great
Elevate App which was App of the Year
– The RevenueCat Blog
– Jacob is @jeiting on Twitter

How to Use Surveys to Get Great Feedback From Your Users

Gathering great feedback is an invaluable for growing your app, but your customers are busy and it’s hard to get them to tell you what you could be doing better.

I’ve found surveys to be a fantastic way to get feedback from my customers. I can help them overcome issues, get ideas for features and even get new subscribers to my mailing list. You can also use any positive comments in your marketing efforts.

In this post, I’ll share the messaging I use to get people to take the survey, the questions I ask and the results I’ve seen. I’ll also be sharing the tools I use to tie it all together.

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